A national knowledge graph for the arts. aims to empower the Canadian arts sector to actively promote a more fair and equitable digital ecosystem. This initiative is building a linked open data knowledge graph of the arts that is open and accessible to all.

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Build a knowledge graph that is open, accessible and community sourced. Under the stewardship of stakeholders from a diversity of organizations, is uniquely focused on the Canadian arts sector. The objectives are to:


The knowledge graph enables the arts sector to:


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Artsdata Community Group

The Artsdata Community Group acts as a governing body for and defines priorities for its development through monthly meetings. The group includes a diversity of stakeholders from the Canadian arts sector, ranging from open data providers to consumers to service organizations.

As of March 2024, members include Association RIDEAU, CAPACOA, Culture pour tous, Culture Laval, Culture Outaouais, the Government of New Brunswick, the National Arts Centre, Synapse C, and La Vitrine. Non-voting members include Culture Creates and LaCogency. If you are interested in joining the Artsdata community group, please contact

Other Supporters

Culture Creates is a small team of arts professionals and technologists specialized in RDF-based knowledge graphs and linked open data for the arts. Their mission is to make information on what’s happening in the arts compatible with an AI-powered world. has nearly 100 data providers across Canada. These include participants in digital discoverability cohorts led by the Linked Digital Future Initiative and dia-log, as well as more than associations, networks, unions and other service organizations.

See the list of data sources.

Past Supporters

From 2017 to 2022, Executive Director Sherrie Johnson (Crow’s Theatre) actively stewarded (with several arts organizations across the country) the initiative through successive multi-phase grant applications.

From 2018 to 2023, CAPACOA’s Linked Digital Future Initiative contributed to the development of Artsdata, of Wikidata and of the broader linked open data ecosystem for the performing arts.

Supported by

Canada Council for the Arts

Funded by the Government of Canada.